FUTREND understands the needs of its employees. In order to sustain a success-driven environment, FUTREND offers a competitive benefits package that enhances the quality of life for our employees. Because, it is a fact: a happy staff results in a motivated workforce.

Healthy Life

FUTREND knows that every employee needs to stay healthy to work to his or her full potential; but not everyone’s healthcare needs are the same. Our solution is to offer a more flexible healthcare reimbursement policy. FUTREND employees customize their health services to meet their personal preferences, while still having access to the most superior coverage. We also believe there is a positive correlation between exercise and physical health and mental attitude. We provide a more-than-generous reimbursed stipend to cover gym memberships, fitness clubs, dance classes, and more.

Striving for the Future

FUTREND offers employees the opportunity to save for their future with a competitive 401(k) program and corporate matching program.

Compensated Success

Customer satisfaction drives FUTREND. To exceed our customers’ expectations, we expect employees to devote the time, effort, and energy to do their job right. FUTREND rewards exceptional results and works hard to maintain the company’s image through a generous bonus program. This program offers a variety of performance-based, spot, referral bonuses, and commissions.

It Pays to Learn

Through our education reimbursement program, FUTREND financially supports employees who empower themselves through higher education. FUTREND believes in the value of education and encourages all employees to increase their knowledge and expertise within their industry. FUTREND supports employees who pursue an advanced degree or work towards a technical certification. We take our commitment to self-improvement one step further by providing training on various subjects related to business consulting. Led by one of FUTREND’s upper management, or a knowledgeable outside expert, employees gain a better understanding their career environment, which helps them grasp corporate strategies in a more effective and comprehensive manner.

Dress for Success

FUTREND employees are expected to maintain an aura of professionalism while on the job. While this mainly outsources through their work etiquette and demeanor, it is also demonstrated in their appearance and attire. To help employees look their best, Futrend offers a reimbursement program that allows employees to maintain a wardrobe that is as professional as their attitude.

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